How Air Pressure Affects Your Weather

Air pressure is all around — and it affects our weather. Find out what high pressure and low pressure are and how they affect our weather in 2 very different ways.

The Amazing Life Of Ben Franklin: Weather Pioneer

You might know about Ben Franklin the inventor, but how about Ben Franklin — weather pioneer? Yes, Ben Franklin contributed many things to meteorology. His studies of weather patterns and other meteorological phenomena helped further our understanding of weather, with many of his theories and observations withstanding the test of time.

Weather Widgets And Other Fun Tools For Your Blog

Following are some fun website tools to enhance your blog with weather trackers, weather widgets, and other weather gadgets. Want to show the local forecast on your blog? You’ll want one of these! Want to customize it too? Check here first.

Let it #$@$% Snow!

Perspective is a funny thing! The ‘beauty’ of snow if very much a matter of perspective, and here’s a funny story highlighting that fact…