Tips For Planning A Northern Lights Trip: When & Where To See Aurora Borealis In The USA (Besides Alaska)

Planning a trip to see the Aurora Borealis? Watching nature’s amazing light show up close is an exciting and fun adventure for your bucket list! I have a few tips for planning your Northern Lights trip including — where you can see Aurora Borealis in the U.S. (the best cities & parks with an unobstructed view of the night sky), the best time of the year & time of the day to see the Northern Lights, and the best apps & sites to help you plan your Northern Lights trip.

How The Jet Stream Influences Weather

The jet stream is one of the most key elements in determining our weather. Find out how the jet stream works, where it’s found in the atmosphere, and some of the very important roles it plays in driving our weather.

National Weather Service Satellite RadarOnline + NASA Satellite Photos

The National Weather Service satellite radar allows you to view cool images of the weather affecting your region. Plus, thanks to NASA satellite photos on the Internet, everybody now has the chance to understand more about our weather and take a look at some pretty cool images!

Make Your Own Forecasts With A Weather Model

A weather model is one of the most important tools in making a weather forecast. Now you can make your own weather forecasts using weather models from the National Weather Service!