Funny Weatherman Videos

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Here’s video footage of some wacky TV weathermen… complete with foo-pa’s, fighting, funny faces, and f-bombs!

First, I wanna live wherever this guy’s doing the weather reports! No joke.


Here are lots more hilarious clips featuring weatherman Mark Mathis.

And here are a few more weathermen who pushed the limits of what’s “appropriate” to be seen (& heard) on television:


They call this guy the weatherman with Tourettes:


This CNN headline news weatherman was having a bad day… Chad Meyers is now known as “the crazy Katrina weatherman”, the “angry weatherman”, and “CNN outburst weatherman” after the time he lost his temper with the news reporter who was on-air.


This weatherman just could not wait to use the restroom during his weather report. Poor guy!


Now this is how the weather should be done on TV!… This weatherman talks fast, like an auctioneer. He’s WXVT’s weatherman, Russell Dasovich.


Listen to Bud Light’s Real Men of Genius ”Mr. Excited About Storms Weatherman”

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