How To Make Snow Sculptures In Fun Shapes

by Mary

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Remember when you were a kid and you waited in anticipation for the first significant snowfall? It was best if the snow was wet, packed snow because the first thing you wanted to do was make a snowman.

But have you ever considered making a snow sculpture?

Many adults love sculpting snow. There are even snow sculpture competitions that take place all over the U.S. and the world.

Snow sculptures can be made right in your front yard, or at the park for all the world to see. If you are a little bit shy about your snow sculpting skills, then build your snow sculpture in the back yard where it’s a little more private.

Here are some tips for building your own one-of-a-kind snow sculpture, plus photos of ideas you can replicate…

Getting Started

Snow sculptures can be simple or very elaborate.


Professional snow sculptures typically have some unique shape or form in the center, but you don’t have to do that.

The only thing that is absolutely required to make a snow sculpture is lots of snow, and preferably very wet snow.

  • First, use a shovel to make a mound of tightly packed snow. It can be as large or as small as you wish.
  • Then, remove the excess snow to create a rough outline of your snow sculpture. This can be done with an axe, hatchet, hoe or garden trowel. A metal spatula can be used for smoothing.
  • Once you have removed the excess snow, use smaller tools such as flatware, trowels, scoops, BBQ tools and other household objects or gardening tools to add detail to the sculpture.

You can sculpt anything you wish out of snow.

Working With Snow

If the snow becomes too dry or powdery while you’re sculpting, just use spray from a garden hose to wet it lightly.

If the snow becomes frozen, you can use a chainsaw.

If part of your snow sculpture breaks, wet both surfaces lightly, reattach the piece that broke off and fasten it with clamps, fabric or bungee cords.

When your snow sculpture is finished, spray it lightly with the garden hose and your masterpiece will freeze solid. You will be amazed at the length of time it takes for a snow sculpture to melt once the temperature starts to rise.

Check out these amazing photos of amateur and professional snow sculptures.

Making Snow Sculptures With Children

If you have young children who would like to try creating a snow sculpture, start with a turtle.

You will need a large mound of well-packed snow. (Use a shovel to make the mound and pack the snow.)

Add the turtle’s head and legs, shaping these with your hands.

If you need to smooth the snow, use a metal spatula.

Once you have the turtle sculpted, add the shell design.

Finally, spray it lightly with water to make it freeze solid.

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