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Air Quality

Know what causes white lines in the sky behind airplanes? They're contrails (not chemtrails). So, what is cloud seeding and how does it affect the weather?

Everything you need to plan a Northern Lights trip - where to see Aurora Borealis in the US, best time of year & time of day to see the Northern Lights, and best apps & sites to stay up-to-date with the Aurora Borealis lights near you.

Find out what the Montreal Protocol does and how it has played a vital role in protecting the ozone layer in our atmosphere.

Find out the air quality index in your area with AirNow.

The Clean Air Act is a set of United States laws and codes that aim to reduce air pollution and regulate air quality.

Fog and smog may sound like similar words, but they mean 2 very different things. Fog is caused by various condensation, temperature, and wind combinations. Smog pollution is the soupy, dangerous result of what happens when pollutants get trapped in the air.

Thanks to today's weather forecasting, it's now possible to predict and determine pollen count, allergy trends, as well as when & where budding plant activity will likely create breathing difficulties. Here are some of the best online tools for monitoring pollen count and allergens across the country.