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Everything you need to plan a Northern Lights trip - where to see Aurora Borealis in the US, best time of year & time of day to see the Northern Lights, and best apps & sites to stay up-to-date with the Aurora Borealis lights near you.

A derecho storm is similar to a tornado -- just as damaging, powerful, and deadly. Now see what makes a derecho wind storm different from a tornado!

Have you noticed how different the 4 weather seasons are across the US? See when spring starts, when summer starts, when fall starts, when winter starts this year.

First Snow

Want to know when and where the first snow will fall according to this year's snow forecast? Here's the inside scoop...

Where is Tornado Alley? What about Dixie Alley, Hoosier Alley and Carolina Alley? Here's an updated Tornado Alley map plus Tornado Alley facts & safety tips

As a weather geek, I set out to find basic info and facts on winter storms - so I could better understand what folks up North have to go through each winter.