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Did you know it can snow when it's above freezing outside? See why this happens, the highest temperature for snow, and the temperature at which snow melts.

Fun snow activities to enjoy with your kids! See how to make colorful snow art, fun snow sculptures, a backyard skating rink, and lots of other fun winter snow games to play with kids.

Have you noticed how different the 4 weather seasons are across the US? See when spring starts, when summer starts, when fall starts, when winter starts this year.

Snow Squalls

A snow squall is a short but intense snow storm with whiteout conditions that happens quickly. Here's how to prepare for a snow squall in your area.

The best survival kits. Everyone should have one - especially if you enjoy the outdoors. The 10 best survival kits for home, work, and travel + The 8 best survival tools that could save your life.

Winter Weather

Winter weather can do strange things - like cause extreme blizzards, snow tornadoes, and even weird icy formations. Don't believe me? Check out these videos!

I'm a weather bug living in Hurricane Alley, and I recently bought a Midland WR-120 weather radio. Here's why I think it's one of the best weather radios.

Weather Disasters Food

What's the Waffle House Index? Why do we rush to buy milk & eggs before a storm? How do restaurants fare during bad weather? How is Wawa helping first responders?

Before you grab a snow shovel, here's some snow shoveling etiquette you should know! Do's and don'ts when it comes to shoveling snow at your home.