A Couple’s Final Pictures Before A Tsunami Took Their Lives

by Lynnette

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Woah… This Is DEEP!

Someone who was assisting Tsunami victims found a digital camera on the beach. After removing the memory card from the camera, he discovered the final pictures taken by the couple who owned the camera.

These photos will make your hair stand on end…

Check out the complete story here.

Then, click on the Gallery link to see the photos that were recovered.

Videos Of The Tsunami

Tsunami Video 1 — This was the first time I’d seen video other than the one wave that one initial wave that hit and was re-aired on every news channel across America.

Tsunami Video 2 — More footage from high atop a building as the wave approached land and filled the streets.

Tsunami Video 3 — This one was shot from ground level and shows the brutal force of the water. This is the most frightening of them all, and I cannot understand how the person filming this even survived.