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Weather Fun For Kids!

Weather can be fun, ya know.

It’s not just for the pocket-protector geek squad we meteorologists belong to!

I just found a fun site for kids from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Fun and FEMA in the same sentence, who would’ve thought??


Disasters aren’t fun, but learning about them doesn’t have to be a downer. Check out FEMA’s website for kids.

It has all kinds of games which help children understand nature and how to be better prepared should a natural disaster strike.

You’ll find games like “Disaster Discovery” and “Shake With Quake.”

Specific topics include:

  • Weather disasters exaplained
  • Scary situations to be prepared for
  • Weather-related crossword puzzles
  • A fun concentration game
  • Weather-related word searches
  • Fun coloring books
  • A snowman game explaining snow & blizzards
  • Disaster math… what are the odds?
  • A disaster maze game
  • Weather jigsaw puzzles
  • Thunderstorm & lightning secrets
  • Water, wind & earth games
  • Canine heroes explained
  • Hurricane cartoons
  • Earthquake information
  • Storm disaster tips
  • Hurricane quizzes
  • And more!

I think my favorite is “Hurricane House” where you select things which could be a problem around the house when a hurricane strikes.

Check it out! No pocket-protector required.