Explaining Hurricanes To Kids: 5 Great Sites That Help Kids Learn About Hurricanes

Trying to understand a hurricane is tough for even the most seasoned meteorologists.

That makes big storms like hurricanes really tough to explain to kids.

Here are some great websites which help do just that:


FEMA For Kids is one of the best.

With games to play, colorful characters to follow and easy to understand explanations, your kids will come away with a better understanding of Mother Nature’s biggest storms: hurricanes.

Weather Wiz Kids is geared toward slightly older kids and goes a bit deeper into its explanations of hurricanes, how they form, and what kind of problems they can cause.

Owlie Prepares Kids For Hurricanes via an online coloring book which makes hurricane preparation interactive for the kiddos.

The University Corporation For Atmospheric Research has a “Web Weather For Kids” site. This is a great place to learn the basics about a hurricane.

Finally, the National Weather Service page for kids is a great page worth taking a look at.  Check out “Owlie Skywarn” in action – helping kids get ready for a hurricane.


Weatherman Tim

Weatherman Tim

I'm a TV weatherman in south Texas. I get blamed for the bad weather, but I also get credit for the beautiful days. I absolutely love my job!

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