What Time Is It?… It’s Time To Change

It’s time to change your burned-out lightbulbs, the batteries in your smoke detectors, flip the mattresses, clean out the gutters, and why not just schedule your next mammogram while you’re at it? They say it’s good to schedule such things around pertinent dates — such as your Birthday… or Daylight Savings Time, right?

Kids Helping Kids After Hurricane Katrina

Here it is 3 weeks later, and people all across this great country are still showing amazing acts of humanity to make things a little easier for those whose lives were affected by Hurricane Katrina. Here are some ways that kids have been helping kids.

Funny Weatherman Videos

Here’s video footage of some wacky weathermen who pushed the limits of what’s ‘appropriate’ to be seen –and heard — on television while covering the weather: Mark Mathis, and Chad Meyers, plus the weatherman who just can’t hold it and has to go to the bathroom while he’s on TV, and the weatherman caught cussing on air.

Katrina Blog: How People Like You & Me Can Help

To all of our readers and their friends & families who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina: While a site called The Fun Times Guide may not seem like an obvious place to extend a hand to the survivors dealing with Katrina’s brutal aftermath… it’s the best we’ve got. Here’s how we’re helping Katrina victims.