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Look… Up In The Clouds!

How many times have you looked up toward the clouds and thought you recognized a familiar shape in the cloud formations?

What do you see here? Can you make out the shapes in these two clouds?

Interesting cloud formation. Cloud formations in interesting shapes.

See the answers below…

Roving reporter, Randy, sent us these photos of interesting cloud formations.

He writes:
"Here are some cloud formations that Tristan pointed out to me as we were running errands this summer. (I am also including some similar images I grabbed from the web for comparison.) Kids are great because they will often times make you see things in a different perspective."

Without further ado…

Here are some unique cloud shapes from the perspective of an 11-year-old:

Cloud formations in interesting shapes.Interesting cloud formation.


A whites hark... with open mouth.A pig... sitting.


Strange Pictures Of Clouds


Talk about strange cloud pictures!…

Check out these photos of the jaw-dropping cloud formations that have been snapped from all across the world.

Some are quite creepy.

You’ll find yourself wondering if these clouds are real or if they’re actually sculpted figures.

Here are more fun things to do with clouds.