Write Your Name In Snow (…No, Not Yellow Snow!)

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Those little flappy-footed penguins seem to be all the rage this year…

Well, here’s a little fun you can have with a penguin who writes your message in the snow.

How’s The Movie?

We give the movie “Happy Feet” 2 flippers out of 5 .


For us, the only thing that kept the movie interesting was the fact that we saw it in an IMAX theater.

As a whole, the movie seemed more like an animated Broadway musical than an actual movie. It was very cute in parts, but very long in others and not as comical as we would have hoped.

Now, onto the fun stuff…

How To Draw Your Message In The Snow

First, thanks to PetLvr for sharing this fun idea.

Through some digging, and a little trial & error, I was able to find that you can write just about anything you want for your message, despite the fact that the original site limits you to only 8 characters.

To write your own message in the snow, go here.

TIP: To write a longer message, copy & paste this url: https://snow978.googlepages.com/penguin_tebe.swf?msg= into your browser’s address bar, then simply add whatever you want after the equals sign. (You can even include spaces.)