Watch For Emergency Broadcast Text Messages From The FCC On Your Cell Phone

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text-message-on-cellphone-by-linusb4.jpg I think this is a great idea… especially in this day and age, where people are using cell phones like crazy. I mean, it’s hard to find anyone who’s not carrying a cell phone these days. Even kids carry cell phones everywhere they go!

So, for me, there is a small feeling of relief knowing that the FCC will soon be broadcasting emergency warnings on our cellphones.

he plan stems from the Warning Alert and Response Network Act, a 2006 federal law that requires upgrades to the emergency alert system. The act requires the Federal Communications Commission to develop ways to alert the public about emergencies. Source

Fun Facts:

  • The text messaging will be used to inform the public of things like major weather situations, Amber alerts, mass shootings, and terrorist attacks.
  • A text message could be sent to a county, region, state or the entire nation.
  • You would not be changed for receiving these alerts, but cellphone customers will be able to opt out of the program.
  • The program is projected to be operational by 2010.


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