Fun Things To Do With Clouds

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fun-with-clouds.jpg Here are some really fun pictures you can create using just a blue sky, some clouds in the sky, and various props of your of choosing.

The best part: No photo editing is needed!

Yet the end result will look so amazing, that people will think your photos aren’t real.

Have a look…


We’ve all looked up in the sky and noticed interesting cloud shapes before.

This takes that a step farther…

On a blue sky day, with white billowy clouds overhead, and some fun "props" at hand, let your imagination run wild to create your own photo masterpieces.

Here are a few examples:


photo via



photo via



photo via

Other fun props that I think would be fun to try when taking your own creative cloud pictures:

  • A pen or pencil that takes up where the skywriting plane leaves off
  • A bubble-blowing ring
  • Actual smoke rings from a cigarette joining with circular cloud rings in the sky
  • A bow & arrow shooting toward a heart-shaped cloud
  • A paintbrush at the bottom end of a rainbow in the sky
  • A photo frame held up to "frame" an cloud-shaped object int he sky

Of course the trick is having the appropriate props for the cloud formations at hand!


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