When Is The Next Ice Age Going To Happen?

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ice-age-may-be-here-photo-by-giorgio-montersino.jpg Whether you think humans are causing earth’s warming temperatures or not, you are going to have to put a jacket on sometime in the future.


Because scientists believe we will eventually see another Ice Age sometime in the future… perhaps the distant future.

We have had ice ages before, and not just the "big one" thousands of years ago that most of us have heard about.

Actually, miniature ice ages can occur — such as when Mount Tambora’s eruption in 1815 caused a massive cooling spell the following year in 1816 (or, as many call it, "the year without a summer"). Many of us recall Mount Pinatubo’s eruption in 1991. That eruption sent up so much debris into the atmosphere that 1992 and 1993 were cooler in many areas than in other years during that era.

While volcanic eruptions are scary and quite dangerous, it might be that another major eruption could actually lessen some of the effects of global warming that we see today — even if it’s only temporary.