Lenticular Clouds: Strange But Beautiful Flying Saucer Shaped Clouds That Look Like UFOs

by Joshua

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lenticular-cloud-picture-by-Marc-Veraart.jpgLenticular clouds, when they form over a mountain, are often called cap clouds — because they look like they’re forming a cap on the top of the mountain.

They are fairly rare in the context of the clouds that we usually see.

In fact, because they look so strange, some people have mistakenly reported them to the authorities as UFOs!

Lenticular clouds have been mistaken for UFOs (or “visual cover” for UFOs) because these clouds have a characteristic lens appearance and smooth saucer-like shape.  Source


More About Lenticular Clouds


Video Of Lenticular Clouds

Enjoy this amazing time-lapse video of lenticular clouds over Mount Rainier:


Want to see some more strange clouds?…


Noctilucent Cloud Footage

Check out this amazing cloud video — and informational song — about noctilucent clouds:

Noctilucent clouds are beautiful, strange-looking clouds near the top of the atmosphere (almost in space!) which sometimes shine at night.

While scientists still are discovering more about noctilucent clouds, we already know one thing for sure — they’re awesome to look at!