Predicting Long Range Weather Forecasts: Possible With A Chance Of Inaccuracies

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forecast-on-an-iphone-photo-by-wesley-fryer.jpg Did you ever want to have a weather forecast that could tell you what the weather was going to be like say, oh, about 6 months from now?

While many say forecasting weather beyond 5 or 7 days is full of too many inaccuracies, there is still an effort to make long-range weather forecasts and predictions anyhow.

Interestingly, The Old Farmer’s Almanac has been making year-long weather forecasts for decades and decades, yet modern technology still struggles with making accurate year-long forecasts.

Still, some meteorologists try to make long-range forecasts for major companies who want the data to project and prepare for sales or upcoming events.

The goal, it seems, is to have long-range weather forecasting available on a regular basis to all. That day may eventually come as long-range forecasting becomes more reliable and as the technology becomes less expensive.

For now, though, you can try making your own weather predictions. Or, take the easy way out and just make your picnic plans, party preparations, or vacation itineraries based off the 7-day forecast on the local news.

Now this is interesting…

See how The Old Farmer’s Almanac makes long range weather forecasts:

How We Make Our Long-Range Weather Forecast