Winter Weather Fun: Make A Snow Sculpture

by Joshua

Fun For Kids, snow, winter

snow-sculpture-photo-by-tim-in-sydney.jpg One of the many fun things about winter weather is snow. With snow, you can make all kinds of wonderful things — snowmen, snow houses, and even a snow sculpture straight from the wildest depths of your imagination!

Making a snow sculpture is fun and really easy to do, especially if you have all the snow sculpting tools you need to make your project a little easier — and more fun!

  • Shovel
  • Trowel
  • Garden Hoe
  • Spatula

Wet snow is the easiest type of snow to work with when making a snow sculpture. Sprinkling your snow with a bit of water as you build your sculpture can make things easier for you, especially if your snow is drying out as you work with it.

If you’re feeling particularly good about your snow sculpting skills, you may want to consider entering a snow sculpting contest — they’re held in all kinds of places during the winter and is a great way to show off your snow sculpting skills!