These Incredible Tornado Videos Will Blow Your Mind!

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tornado-videos-photo-by-chimothy27.jpg Springtime always brings one of the most-feared types of weather phenomena — tornadoes.

After you double-check your tornado safety plans, sit down and prime yourself for the heightened tornado activity by watching Mother Nature at its most amazing and destructive in these tornado videos.

Okay, are you sitting down?

When you see the amazing clips in these tornado videos, you’ll want to make sure that you have a chair under you!

Keep in mind that tornadoes most commonly form in Tornado Alley, which roughly includes several Midwest and Southeastern states.

However, tornadoes can literally occur anywhere.


Tornadoes & Lightning

Watch as National Geographic follows a team of storm chasers pursuing tornadoes and lightning. There is some amazing tornado footage here:


How A Tornado Forms

Here’s a video showing some of the basic science behind tornadoes:


Dramatic Footage Of A Tornado Destroying A Bank

Watch the incredible tape of a bank camera catching a tornado as it literally tears through town and destroys the bank:


Tornado Derails A Train

You’ll watch this video 100 times and still be amazed as you watch a very strong tornado rip a train off its track right before your eyes:


Tornadoes Really Can Happen Anywhere

For anybody who thinks tornadoes just can’t hit big cities, watch this stunning slide show of photos of damage from the Brooklyn, New York tornado. This will remind you to always keep on guard for tornadoes, no matter where you are:


TWO Water Spout Tornadoes Spinning At The Same Time!

Commonly, you’ll find tornado videos showing just 1 tornado. But have you ever seen a video of 2 tornadoes at once? Check out these 2 water spouts making some trouble together:


Storm Chaser Captures Tornado Plowing Through A Field

A storm chaser in pursuit of a tornado as it plows through a field. Because there are few background objects, it’s pretty hard to tell exactly how big or far away the tornado is from the film crew, but all I can say is WOW — this is some pretty awesome footage!