Beautiful Winter Scenery And Snow Photos

by Mary

snow, weather photos, winter

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I love walking in the winter after a fresh snowfall.

The sights are marvelous, and often you can hear the crackling of frost as you make your way across the beautiful landscape.

It reminds me of the song Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

There are many beautiful snowscapes to be seen in winter.

I thought I’d share some of my favorites with you here.

For starters, one of my favorite places to walk in winter is along lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. Water soothes the soul and snow gives it a magical feeling that is not found just anywhere.

Many times during the winter, I wake up to trees and shrubs covered in hoarfrost. This gives the world an enchanted look that compares to no other season.

I also love watching the birds in winter. They bring life and color to the world. Here are my favorites…

We never know what types of wildlife and neighborhood animals we’re going to come across during our walks any time of year. But when they’re photographed against a pure white, snowy backdrop, they’re even more enjoyable to watch.