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Snowicane, Snowpocalypse & Snowmageddon: Media Hype For A Big Snow Blizzard

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By Joshua

snow-blizzard-photo-by-camardella.jpg Do you remember what some in the news media called the big snow blizzard that hit the Northeast in Febraury 2010?

It was a snowicane.

Of course, snowicane wasn’t the only word that some commercial meteorologists were using to describe the big snow blizzard that brought high winds and blanketed the Northeast in snow.

Other words used by some in the media include snowpocalypse and snowmageddon.

As you might expect, these words — at least until now — don’t officially exist in scientific terms, as far as most meteorologists are concerned.

While many online and television meteorologists and others in the media increasingly use such words left and right, the National Weather Service and other official agencies are quite upset about what they believe is nothing more than hype and panic being caused by all these pop-culture spins on the weather.

At any rate, with the ever-growing English lexicon, it’s quite possible that words like snowicane, snowmageddon, and snowpocalypse may increasingly become part of mainstream weather terminology.

Signs Of Global Warming

By the way, know what one of the signs of global warming is?…

More snow storms!

signs-of-global-warming-photo-by-pink-sherbet-photography.jpgSo yes, while it may seem to defy logic, global warming can actually spell more snow storms.

How can that be, you ask?

Warmer temperatures can bring more moisture in the air. When this moisture mixes with cold, wintry air, you get more snow.

Global warming can also lead to more severe snow storms occurring more often.