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These weather coloring books for kids will give your youngster many hours of great weather fun, as well as a good introduction to the world of meteorology.

Did you know you can turn hot, boiling water into ice crystals in a matter of 1 or 2 seconds? It's true! You have got to check out this amazing video and see for yourself how neat this is!


Some snow trivia for you. Plus, fun things to do with the kids to enjoy the wintry weather.

Along with the fun you and your kids will have studying fall colors, recording the weather, and trying to guess what Mother Nature may bring next... your kids may also have the foundation of a blue-ribbon winning science project for the next school fair!

Perhaps you're wondering how the weather affects fall colors and how foliage actually changes colors in the fall. Here are some tips.

A Rain Party is Mother Nature's water park -- and it is quite a bit cheaper than going to an actual water park. As long as lightning is absent, cold weather is far away, and your yard can accomodate little feet jumping, dancing, and playing in the rain, a Rain Party just might be the thing to cool off your kids on a hot, summer afternoon!

The art of making unique one-of-a-kind snow sculptures using just snow and some common household items you probably already have lying around.

Here are some great tips for making a snowman look totally cool -- for yourself and your neighborhood! Eight things that will set your snowman apart from all the rest.

Want snow at your house -- either for decorating purposes, or for the kids to play in? Here's how to make fake snow at home!