Interesting Snowman Photos: Fun & Unusual Ways To Build Snowmen

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Wintertime is a lot of fun — especially when there is plenty of snow on the ground!

Most adults and children alike enjoy making snowmen, snow women and other fun snow shapes.

If you’ll be making a snowman this year, here are some unusual ideas to make your snowman the best one in the neighborhood!

One snowman to another: Does it smell like carrots in here to you?

Following are some of the most creative snowman shapes, faces, arms, and clothes. (Plus, fun miniature snowmen too!)

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Unusual SHAPES 
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Snowmen come in all shapes and sizes. Here are some unique snowman shapes — other than plump and round.

Consider these: a tree-climbing snowman, a rudolph the red nosed reindeer snowman, a snowman sitting on the toilet, a snowman playing peek-a-boo, and a monster snowman with a face made of snow, a skiing snowman, a seated snowman with a wooden leg, a snowman waving to passersby, a snow bunny, and a snowman shaped like a human body.









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Interesting Snowman FACES 
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Consider these: a snowman face made of recycled plastics, a cool snowman wearing sunglasses, a punk rock snowman with icicle hair, a serious human-looking snowman with snow hair, a French snowman with a mustache, a simple snowman with boughs of pine as hair, a snowman with ears to hold glasses, a snowman with a non-snow head & face, and a snowman made from leftover things found around the house.








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Clever Ways To Make Snowman ARMS 
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Consider these: a snowman with sticks, twigs or branches as arms, a snowman with arms made of snow, a snowman with arms made from garden rakes, a snowman with no arms and gloves, snowmen with sticks or thin boards as arms, and a Mickey Mouse looking snowman with big ears and no arms.






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Unique Ways To DRESS A Snowman 
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Consider fun ideas like these: a snowman with a scarf made from trash bags, a snowman with lots of props, a snowman wearing summer clothes, a snowman wearing a cowboy hat and a thick scarf, a cooking snowman dressed like a chef, a Mexican snowman wearing a sombrero, and a snowman with a sign.








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Pint-Sized MINIATURE Snowmen 
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Sometimes teeny tiny snowmen are the best — especially when you have limited space (or not much snow).

Check out these small snow creatures: a tiny snowman built on a tree stump, a miniature snowman built atop a public box, a snowman with clothespin arms arms, a small snowman with Bic pens as arms, a tiny snowman on a snowy picnic bench, a small snowman seated, and miniature snowmen at the beach.







Did You Know?…

The world’s tallest snowman was built in Bethel, Maine.

It took 2 weeks to build, and was completed on February 17, 1999.

The 113-foot snowman was nicknamed Angus.

He was so big that he had car tires for his mouth and trees for his arms!

In 2008, the title of world’s tallest snowman went to a snowwoman named Olympia (pictured here).

Her eyelashes were made from snow skis, and her red lipstick lips were made from painted car tires.

At 122-feet tall, she had a 100-foot red scarf.


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