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How To Survive A Blizzard If Your Car Gets Stuck In Snow, Ice, Or Mud

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By Regina

stranded-in-blizzard-by-wsdot.jpg The reality is that people get caught unaware by snow storms all the time.

Either they don’t pay attention to their local weather news, or a sudden snow storm arrives unexpectedly.

Whichever it is, people tend to get caught in their cars during snow storms and blizzards.

And not knowing what to do (or doing the wrong thing) can be very dangerous — if not deadly!

The sad truth is… 70% of the deaths that take place during a blizzard, happen to people who are traveling during a winter storm.


Here’s what to do if your get stuck in your car during a blizzard…


1. If you’re driving through a snow storm and the snow is coming down so hard that visibility is bad, pull over and stop your car. Otherwise, you could hit another car, or even another person.


Stay inside your car, unless you can see a building right near you. It is incredibly easy to get disoriented or become lost during a blizzard. You don’t want to be the one who dies a few feet from help simply because you couldn’t see.

Every so often turn, your heater on — but keep a window cracked to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning! And, don’t leave the heater on for more than 10 minutes every half hour, because you don’t want to burn up all your gas.


Check your tailpipe every so often before you turn your heater on, to be sure that it’s not blocked with snow, ice, mud, or flooded water. Once it becomes blocked, it can send carbon monoxide into the vehicle and kill you. Since it is odorless and colorless you would have no way of knowing.

Keep your seatbelt on. Believe it or not. even if you have pulled over and stopped your car it is still possible to get hit by another vehicle. You don’t want to take the chance of not having your seatbelt on and being seriously injured should this happen.


Try to do a little exercise, stretch your arms and legs and move around a bit from time to time, this will help you to stay warm. However, don’t overexert yourself.

Stay hydrated. If you don’t have water with you and need to use the snow, be sure to melt it before drinking it because it can lower your body temperature if you just eat snow.

Keep the overhead light in your vehicle on. That way, others (including rescuers) can see you.

Keeping these things in mind in the event that you get caught in your car during a snowstorm, will help to keep you alive until help finds you.

Check out this video… Even cops get stuck in their cars during a snow storm!