Animals That Are Suffering Most From The Effects Of Climate Changes

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climate-changes-polar-bears-photo-by-just-being-myself.jpg We’re hearing a lot about climate changes in the news these days.

There’s a lot of talk about:

  • Cracking ice shelves
  • Receding glaciers
  • Melting ice caps
  • Warming average global temperatures

Those are just some of the most dramatic symptoms of climate change.

But there are more subtle indicators of climate change scientists are watching which have just as big an impact on the overall health of our planet: animals.

So-called climate change flagship species are the plants and animals which suffer dramatic impacts due to significant changes in the climate.

Clownfish, polar bears, and the beluga whale are among the 10 climate change flagship species that the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has chosen to help us further understand and monitor the impacts of our changing climate.

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