Free Online Weather Calculators To Convert Weather Terms And Numbers Into Meaningful Information


Need to convert degrees from Fahrenheit temperature to Celcius -- or vice versa? Are you looking for the Kelvin temperature? Wonder what the wind chill is outside? Or how close you are to lightning? The following online weather calculators are FREE! There are even some fun weather calculators in here -- like the Crickets Chirping Calculator. Did you know that you can tell the temperature by entering the number of cricket chirps you hear, and the season? Simply plug in the … [Read more...]

Starry Night: A Free Tool To Identify Stars & Planets In The Night Sky Above You While Stargazing

starry night-gadget

My friend Andy is an astronomy buff. I am not. That's why I love it when he reminds Jim and I of the best nights that we can see the coolest things in the skies above. (You know, like meteor showers projected for our area, eclipses, etc). I thought I'd share with you one of the coolest tools that Andy found. It's called Starry Night. It explains exactly which stars and planets are appearing right now above your house (or hotel, or boat, or camping tent... or wherever you might be). … [Read more...]

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Find interesting weather facts, safety tips & info about how the weather affects us on a daily basis. Plus, lots of seasonal ideas and fun things to do outdoors on our fun weather Facebook and Twitter pages: Follow @FunWeather on Twitter "Like" our Fun Weather Facebook Page   The Fun Times Guide to Weather on Facebook     … [Read more...]

10 Incredible Places To See Fall Foliage + U.S. States With The Best Colors

Fall foliage is taking the stage and beginning its beautiful spread across the northeastern and western United States. So where are the best places to see fall colors? The Huffington Post suggests 10 great places to enjoy colorful fall foliage (in no particular order): Aspen, Colorado The Catskills in New York Columbia River Gorge Oregon Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee & North Carolina … [Read more...]

Lifesaving Tornado Shelter And Safety Tips: All The Best Ways To Stay Safe During The Storm!

Finding shelter during a tornado is vital to your survival. By the time a tornado is heading toward you, it's usually too late to make a plan. That's why you should know what your best option is when it comes to finding a quick tornado shelter in midst of a storm. It could literally save your life!  Here's what you need to know about the best places to take shelter during a tornado...  … [Read more...]

2 Free Online Tools To Determine If Your House Is In A Flood Zone

As far as flood zones are concerned, I personally found the information available online about flood zones to be confusing to navigate and hard to understand. I was determined to find a faster, better way to tell whether my house was in a flood zone or not. Here's how I did it; and how you can too (for FREE!)...  … [Read more...]

How To Capture And Save Snowflakes

Now you can bring your snow inside, thanks to this clever little trick! Materials needed: piece of glass aerosol hairspray Steps: #1 Freeze the piece of glass and the hairspray can overnight. #2 Spray your chilled glass with the chilled hairspray. #3 Go outside and let some snowflakes settle on the glass. #4 When you have enough flakes bring the glass indoors and allow it to thaw at room temperature for about 15 minutes. #5 Now you have a permanent record of your … [Read more...]