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Fall Foliage Map Guide: Find The Best Fall Colors In Your Neck Of The Woods


When Labor Day beckons and the pumpkin spice coffee starts to hit Starbucks and Wawa stores in my neck of the woods, my mind turns to cool mornings, colorful leaves, and looking for a good fall foliage map. Even here in Central Florida, we actually do experience a delicious taste of autumn, even if the cooler air doesn't really arrive until October and the leaves aren't as vibrant as they are 500 0r 1,000 miles to the north. Fall foliage in Florida offers a sparse but pretty variety of … [Read more...]

What’s The Fall Weather Report? Find Out Here!

fall weather report

What’s the fall weather report look like in your neck of the woods? Cooling, with a chance of winter toward the end of the forecast… But, seriously, where do you turn for the latest updates on fall weather? As a fall fanatic myself, I normally spend much of my free time on the internet between the months of August and October checking out the latest information on fall foliage report sites, fall color trackers, and climate data banks. In most parts of the country, the weeks immediately … [Read more...]

Free Online Weather Calculators To Convert Weather Terms And Numbers Into Meaningful Information


Need to convert degrees from Fahrenheit temperature to Celcius -- or vice versa? Are you looking for the Kelvin temperature? Wonder what the wind chill is outside? Or how close you are to lightning? The following online weather calculators are FREE! There are even some fun weather calculators in here -- like the Crickets Chirping Calculator. Did you know that you can tell the temperature by entering the number of cricket chirps you hear, and the season? Simply plug in the … [Read more...]

5 Tips On Using A Home Weather Station


Using a home weather station can be fun and educational. For those in agriculture, boating, and aviation, using a home weather station can be a vital part of day-to-day life. Whether you're reporting observations to local weather clubs or just keeping track of weather patterns for your own recreation, a home weather station is an important and informational tool to have on hand. Let's look at some tips to help you get the most out of using a home weather station.   Using A Home … [Read more...]

Using An Anemometer To Measure Wind Speed

When meteorologists and weather bugs measure the wind, they use an anemometer. An anemometer is a device that can very accurately gauge how quickly the wind is moving. Anemometers come in various shapes and sizes, but in most cases they are comprised of 3 or 4 small cups attached sideways to a carousel that spins with the wind. The cups catch the wind as it passes by, and sensors in the anemometer detect the wind speed based on how many revolutions or how quickly the cups make. Some … [Read more...]

Monitor Hurricanes Online With These Free Hurricane Trackers

With hurricane season lasting from summer through fall (June 1 through November 30), hurrricane tracking is a constant activity for many of us this time of year. All eyes are on the Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and Caribbean. Thankfully, finding an online hurricane tracker is easy, so you can track storms through the entire hurricane season. Check out these great hurricane tracking web sites the next time there's a storm brewing: My Fox Hurricane Tracking National Hurricane Center … [Read more...]

How To Check Your Local Air Quality Index


Curious what the air quality index is today near you? Find out the latest info about the Air Quality Index maps with the government-affiliated AirNow. AirNow gives updates on how healthy the air is and even has health info for areas affected by the BP oil spill. Why's air quality so important? Dirty air can be hazardous to your health. Check out this Guide To Air Quality And Your Health. Along with aggravating certain allergies, poor air quality can bring on all types of … [Read more...]

What A Chance Of Rain Really Means… In Terms Of Probabilities

When you watch your local weather forecast and hear the weather person say 'there's a 40 percent chance of rain,' you may find yourself wondering what, precisely, that chance of rain is referring to. Does a chance of rain refer to... How much rain will fall? How many clouds are dark? How much of your local area will see rain? The chance that it'll rain versus the chance it won't rain? Let's look at exactly what it means when the forecaster says there's a chance of rain near … [Read more...]

Review Of A Davis Wireless Weather Station: The 6250 Vantage Vue

I'm a weather bug. I simply love watching, tracking, and keeping up with the weather. So when a person like me wants the most up-to-date info on the weather going on in my backyard, I turn to buying my own weather station. My only question was 'which weather station do I buy?' There are so many weather stations on the market, I almost didn't know which one was the best, most reliable, and the most valuable for the money. So let me tell you why I chose a Davis Wireless weather … [Read more...]

Beautiful Solar Eclipse Will Block Sunlight In The South Pacific

A solar eclipse is about to block the sunlight... for a little while anyway. On July 11, 2010, those living in northern New Zealand, the Cook Islands, the Society Islands, French Polynesia, and Easter Island will be able to see a solar eclipse lasting 3 to 4 minutes. Solar eclipses happen when the moon blocks out the light from the sun. The moon has to get directly in front off the sun to block out the sunlight and create a full or nearly full solar eclipse. Always be careful when viewing a … [Read more...]