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What's a chance of rain really mean? Find out more about what a chance of rain means in a local forecast.

Let me share with you why I'm the very happy owner of a Davis Wireless Weather Station...

On July 11, 2010, those living in parts of the South Pacific will be able to see an amazing solar eclipse. Be sure to check it out on the news!

A lightning detector can detect lighting within several miles and may just help save your life.

Measuring distance in the sky will help you find all kinds of cool weather and astronomical things, including sun dogs, how much time you have before sunset, and even stars and constellations.

Getting a good temperature forecast is easy with this great online weather tool...

The National Weather Service satellite radar allows you to view cool images of the weather affecting your region. Plus, thanks to NASA satellite photos on the Internet, everybody now has the chance to understand more about our weather and take a look at some pretty cool images!

A weather model is one of the most important tools in making a weather forecast. Now you can make your own weather forecasts using weather models from the National Weather Service!

As seen in the often-inaccurate 7-day forecasts and off-the-mark hurricane predictions, weather forecasting is still an imperfect science. Meteorologists, however, will keep on trying to do a better job as our understanding of the weather and improvements in technology make weather forecasting more accurate.