What’s The Fall Weather Report? Find Out Here!

fall weather report

What’s the fall weather report look like in your neck of the woods? Cooling, with a chance of winter toward the end of the forecast… But, seriously, where do you turn for the latest updates on fall weather? As a fall fanatic myself, I normally spend much of my free time on the internet between the months of August and October checking out the latest information on fall foliage report sites, fall color trackers, and climate data banks. In most parts of the country, the weeks immediately … [Read more...]

Tell The Kids! NORAD Tracks Santa On Christmas Eve

Did you know that NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! Yes, dear old Saint Nick has been tracked on NORAD's radar screens ever since the 1950s... and the story behind NORAD's tracking of Santa Claus will captivate the heart! Let's find out more about why NORAD tracks Santa and what else this vital agency does to protect our nation and even help in producing weather forecasts.   Why NORAD Tracks Santa The historic timeline of … [Read more...]

How The Jet Stream Influences Weather

You've probably heard about the jet stream, but maybe you aren't exactly sure what a jet stream does. Jet streams play a very important part in determining the type of weather we have. They're currents of wind which meander in the atmosphere 20,000 to 30,000 feet or more above the ground. If you watch your local weather forecast, you'll likely see the jet stream represented as a blue ribbon across the weather map. Because jet streams can drive the weather, meteorologists attempt to … [Read more...]

The Lowdown On Derechos: Strong, Powerful & Deadly Wind Storms

Derechos -- the word sounds kind of like 'tornadoes,' and for good reason. Like tornadoes, derechos refer to strong winds. However, unlike tornadoes, derechos are a type of straight-line wind. Tornado winds, on the other hand, swirl around. The word derecho derives from the Spanish language. While a straight-line wind can mean any wind coming from one direction and going in the opposite direction, derechos most commonly refer to very strong straight-line winds. In fact, wind damage from derechos … [Read more...]

Weather Street: View The 3-Day Temperature Forecast All Across The U.S.

Getting the temperature forecast is important at anytime throughout the year. However, when the temperatures start taking the sometimes-wild roller coaster ride that comes in spring, knowing how hot or cold it is becomes vital. So where do you go to get a good idea of what the temperature will be like in your neighborhood, city, state, or national region?  There are many great sites, but I like the temperature forecast movie at Weather Street. You can literally scroll through the … [Read more...]

National Weather Service Satellite Radar Online + NASA Satellite Photos

Here's a cool tool for weather bugs: it's the National Weather Service's (NWS) satellite radar. You can check out the most recent images from the NWS satellite radar at the NWS website. The National Weather Service is a government organization responsible for providing forecasts, weather data, and other climate information for the public -- as well as being a great resource for scientists and meteorologists. Be sure to check out all the other great weather tools on the NWS website, … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Forecasts With A Weather Model

Ever wanted to predict the weather?Now you can, using National Weather Service weather models. A weather model is one of the most important tools in predicting your local weather forecast. Various kinds of weather models show us all kinds of weather data, including: Precipitation Air pressure Wind speed Wind direction Humidity Temperature Cloud coverage While you'll have to have a basic working knowledge of how weather works to make weather forecasts using a … [Read more...]

How To Make Sense Of All Those Weather Symbols On Local Weather Maps

Have you ever looked at your local weather map and wondered what all those weather symbols mean? Sometimes the weather map itself can be a bit challenging -- knowing what all those weather symbols mean, for some of us, is like trying to read Greek hieroglyphics! Weather people use these weather symbols to denote virtually everything there is to record about weather, including: Temperature Wind speed Wind direction Precipitation Some weather symbols, like temperature, wind … [Read more...]

How Air Pressure Affects Your Weather

Air pressure is important in weather. In fact, air pressure is one of the most important factors in determining the type of weather we'll be having. You've probably heard about high pressure and low pressure when watching the weather segment of your local newscast. The weatherperson talks all about high pressure and low pressure and points to the big H and L on the weather map. But what is high pressure and low pressure, and why should it matter to you?Here's a basic look at the effects high … [Read more...]

The Amazing Life Of Ben Franklin: Weather Pioneer

When you think of our nation’s forefathers, you probably didn't realize that one of the most famous was also one the first real weathermen in our country: Ben Franklin. Weather was one of Franklin’s passions. Ben Franklin, weather bug that he was, invented and discovered many things involving weather. After all, Franklin was one amazing inventor, too. It takes a special person to not be a president yet still appear on the United States half-dollar and $100 bill, right?! You’re … [Read more...]