El Nino And Its Effects On Global Weather Patterns

El Nino is a weather pattern which usually peaks during the winter months of the northern hemisphere. This weather pattern involves interaction between the ocean and the atmosphere, resulting in warmer waters in major areas of the Pacific Ocean. When that happens, global weather patterns will be affected.

Old Ship Logs Reveal Past Climate And Weather

Old ship logs give us a glimpse of our climate’s past. Of course, any look back at the changes our world climate has undergone over hundreds of years is going to spark a debate about global warming.

Weather Widgets And Other Fun Tools For Your Blog

Following are some fun website tools to enhance your blog with weather trackers, weather widgets, and other weather gadgets. Want to show the local forecast on your blog? You’ll want one of these! Want to customize it too? Check here first.

Global Warming: The Untold Story

Climate Change is happening, but is it our fault? A recent conference in New York City sought to answer that question. But, the conference was largely ignored by the major media outlets. Why?