When Is The Next Ice Age Going To Happen?

Some scientists believe that another Ice Age will happen again someday in the future. However, miniature ice ages — or short periods of cooling — can occur due to natural events like volcanoes.

Old Ship Logs Reveal Past Climate And Weather

Old ship logs give us a glimpse of our climate’s past. Of course, any look back at the changes our world climate has undergone over hundreds of years is going to spark a debate about global warming.

How The Weather Affects Fall Foliage Colors

The weather ultimately determines why and how the leaves turn color each Fall. A small change in the weather can easily affect how colorful the leaves will be. Things such as the amount of moisture in the soil, temperature, and even the length of the days affect what colors the leaves will eventually turn — and even the brightness and hue of those colors.

Renewable Energy For The Future Of Planet Earth

Who knew that there was a difference between the concepts of alternate fuel and alternate energy? Not many people on Planet Earth! We have made ourselves so dependent upon power from fossil fuel sources, that the entire world is being held captive by a very few oil-rich countries. How did these few sources come to have so
much and other countries so little? They got it by eminent domain — it was on their land when they arrived.

Global Warming: The Untold Story

Climate Change is happening, but is it our fault? A recent conference in New York City sought to answer that question. But, the conference was largely ignored by the major media outlets. Why?

Global Warming Debate

The global warming debate gets hotter as two respected scientists battle it out in a debate in front of a group of meteorologists.