Weather Warning: Scientists Think Sudden Ice Age Could Be Triggered By Effects Of Global Warming!

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tundra-photo-by-shareski.jpg Believe it or not, some scientists believe that — in an ironic twist — the effects of global warming could actually trigger a sudden event of global cooling.  Thus, a true ice age.

The global cooling could take only months to set in, and could look something like the Big Freeze which occurred almost 13,000 years ago.

How could this happen?

Scientists believe a sudden influx of fresh water interrupted the normal flow of warmer water in the northern Atlantic. That led to the rapid, massive cooldown that the Earth saw 13,000 years ago.

So, if Greenland’s massive ice cap melts due to global warming, that incredible influx of fresh water into the Atlantic could cause the same type of sudden ice age that the Earth experienced millenniums ago.