Cumulonimbus Clouds & Nimbostratus Clouds: Rain-Makers That Can Bring Severe Weather

Cumulonimbus clouds are a common type of rain-making cloud. Many can climb tens of thousands of feet into the sky and can be seen from dozens of miles away. Any cloud which produces precipitation (like rain, sleet, and snow) are referred to as nimbus clouds, with cumulonimbus clouds and nimbostratus clouds being among the most common of the clouds which produce precipitation.

How To Throw A Rain Party – Simple & Fun Rain Play For Kids!

A Rain Party is Mother Nature’s water park — and it is quite a bit cheaper than going to an actual water park. As long as lightning is absent, cold weather is far away, and your yard can accomodate little feet jumping, dancing, and playing in the rain, a Rain Party just might be the thing to cool off your kids on a hot, summer afternoon!