10 Tips For Making Flood Cleanup Safer & Easier

Flood cleanup is necessary for many of us at various times throughout the year. Be it a hurricane, severe storm, or a spring snow melt caused flooding, the problem is always just as bad. After all, floods mean serious business. Check out 10 tips to help make flood cleanup a safer and easier task.

Weather Forecasting: Why Meteorologists Are Often Wrong

As seen in the often-inaccurate 7-day forecasts and off-the-mark hurricane predictions, weather forecasting is still an imperfect science. Meteorologists, however, will keep on trying to do a better job as our understanding of the weather and improvements in technology make weather forecasting more accurate.

4 Awesome Weather Books For Kids

Weather books for kids will help children understand and learn more about the weather — and may help encourage some young weather lovers to pursue a career in meteorology!

Smog Pollution And Fog: Weather Hazards To Watch Out For

Fog and smog may sound like similar words, but they mean 2 very different things. Fog is caused by various condensation, temperature, and wind combinations. Smog pollution is the soupy, dangerous result of what happens when pollutants get trapped in the air.