Tornado Safety Tips For Winter Nighttime Tornadoes — Among The Deadliest Known!

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oak-cliff-tornado-photo-by-austrini.jpg Yes, tornadoes can happen in winter — and the proof is in the pudding with all the National Weather Service (NWS) tornado warnings that have occurred during the winter months lately.

Be very wary of the risk of tornadoes in winter or at night!

In preparation for winter tornadoes and nighttime tornadoes, it’s time to get serious and put the following tornado safety tips into practice.

Did You Know That?…

  • Tornadoes can occur at any time and anywhere if the conditions are right. They’re not just in "tornado alley."
  • The strongest likelihood of winter tornadoes tend to be in Florida and the Gulf regions because of the El Nino weather pattern.
  • 80% of winter tornado deaths in southern U.S. states happen during El Nino winters. Many of these deaths happen at night.
  • Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Mississippi are prime locations for winter tornadoes, and those are a few states where winter tornadoes have recently occurred.


Here’s how to stay safe during a tornado.



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