FEMA For Kids Provides Fun Weather Activities For Kids Online

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Thumbnail image for kids-weather-games-photo-by-soham-pablo.jpgKids, parents, and teachers will want to check out the cool and fun games and activities at the FEMA for Kids website!

FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) handles all U.S. disasters, including weather disasters like hurricanes.

The goal of FEMA for Kids is to provide children with: 

  • safe online activities — like weather activities for kids
  • information about safety in general, including weather safety
  • a way to know that they (and their families) are being protected from danger — like during weather emergencies

Of course, everyone should be prepared for weather emergencies.

Don’t forget:

  • Winter brings blizzards and ice.
  • Spring is tornado time across much of the Midwest and South.
  • Summer is known for its thunderstorms and hurricanes.
  • Fall brings cold fronts across the country, many times leaving floods behind.