5 Facts About The Storm Of The Century

by Joshua

snow, winter

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storm-of-the-century-photo-bymccready.jpg If you’re of a certain age and you lived anywhere on the East Coast in the mid 1990s, you remember the Storm of the Century.

However, if you don’t recall the event or simply weren’t affected, you may not know what all the hype about the storm really is about.

Well, here are some facts about the Storm of the Century, which hit back in March 1993, that’ll remind you why this storm was such a big deal:

  • 270 people died, and 48 people went missing.
  • The storm hit both The United States and Canada.
  • About 50% of the U.S. population was affected by the Storm of the Century.
  • Feet of snow were dumped in the North; 6 inches of snow fell in Florida!
  • Damage from the storm was over $6 billion dollars.