Hurricane Rita 5 Years Later: Photos & Videos Of The Aftermath

Believe it or not, September 23 and September 24 mark 5 years since the landfall of one of the strongest hurricanes on records -- and we're not talking about Hurricane Katrina. Let's look at some devastating facts about Hurricane Rita: Hurricane Rita was the 4th-strongest Atlantic hurricane currently on record. Rita became the 3rd Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in 2005. Sustained winds in the storm reached as high as 180 MPH. 120 people died in the storm. Damages from Hurricane … [Read more...]

Dramatic Climate Change Pictures Show A Glacier Melting In Montana

Climate change is underway, and there are some more photos out to show it. Glacier National Park in Montana got its name from the glacial cover the mountains and hills in the park. Over the years, scientists, park rangers, and visitors have all seen the glaciers in retreat. MSNBC ran a major story on Glacier National Park and its retreating glaciers, and in the article published two photos of glacial coverage on a mountain. One photo is from 1913. The other from 2005. The differences … [Read more...]

National Weather Service Satellite Radar Online + NASA Satellite Photos

Here's a cool tool for weather bugs: it's the National Weather Service's (NWS) satellite radar. You can check out the most recent images from the NWS satellite radar at the NWS website. The National Weather Service is a government organization responsible for providing forecasts, weather data, and other climate information for the public -- as well as being a great resource for scientists and meteorologists. Be sure to check out all the other great weather tools on the NWS website, … [Read more...]

Beautiful Winter Scenery And Snow Photos

I love walking in the winter after a fresh snowfall. The sights are marvelous, and often you can hear the crackling of frost as you make your way across the beautiful landscape. It reminds me of the song Walking in a Winter Wonderland. There are many beautiful snowscapes to be seen in winter. I¬†thought I'd share some of my favorites with you here.   … [Read more...]

Too Hilarious! Funny Snowman Pictures Bring Winter Weather Smiles

Every winter, we love seeing the funny snowman pictures that people post online, publish in magazines and newsletters, and enter in photo contests. Some snowman pictures are funny -- others are just downright hilarious! Some of the best snowman pictures show Frosty (or whatever you call your snowmen or snowwomen) wearing clothes, caps and jerseys of a favorite sports team, or simply just chillin' in the cold winter weather. Snowman pictures always make us happy, so if you have a funny … [Read more...]

Interesting Snowman Photos: Fun & Unusual Ways To Build Snowmen


Wintertime is a lot of fun -- especially when there is plenty of snow on the ground! Most adults and children alike enjoy making snowmen, snow women and other fun snow shapes. If you'll be making a snowman this year, here are some unusual ideas to make your snowman the best one in the neighborhood! One snowman to another: Does it smell like carrots in here to you? Following are some of the most creative snowman shapes, faces, arms, and clothes. (Plus, fun miniature snowmen too!) … [Read more...]

Leaf Peeping In Huntsville Ontario

Huntsville, Ontario is located approximately 133 miles from Toronto, on Highway #60. There is much to see and do in the area during all seasons, but the autumn scenery brings visitors by the droves. Huntsville is only a short drive from Algonquin Park. Particularly this time of year, it is an area full of scenic beauty and is alive with the sounds, sights and fragrances of autumn. Huntsville is in the heart of Muskoka and there are lots of activities for the entire family. Recently, I took my … [Read more...]

Best Snowman Pictures… Ever!


I'm sitting here wishing for snow on Christmas Eve... But this year, I'm thinking it's just not happenin'! Looks like the closest I can get to snow right now is to enjoy these one-of-a-kind snow creations. Check 'em out... This is a tribute to some of the most creative snow artists alive.   … [Read more...]