Weather Question: What’s It Like Being A Meteorologist? Go Behind The Scenes At TV Weather Stations

by Joshua

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Many major TV news weather stations use similar words, symbols, and technology to report the weather — as seen in the videos below.

how to be a meteorologist or tv weather person

While meteorology is a serious job, many weather people have had quite a bit of fun in their jobs, including making a few goofs while talking about the weather on the television.

Check out some of these funny weatherman videos! Here are a few more.

Next, we’ll go behind the scenes at TV weather stations — to see exactly what it takes to become a meteorologist.

TV Weather Stations Behind The Scenes

If you’ve ever wondered what goes into putting the weather forecast on TV, then you’ll appreciate the following videos.

Each provides a unique perspective behind the scenes at popular TV weather stations:

And finally, if you’re thinking that you might like to become a meteorologist… this last video shows what it’s like to be a weatherman for a day:

Thinking Of Being A Meteorologist?

If you’d like to become a meteorologist someday, here are some resources to help you get started: