Fall Foliage Map Guide: Find The Best Fall Colors In Your Neck Of The Woods

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When Labor Day beckons and the pumpkin spice coffee starts to hit Starbucks and Wawa stores in my neck of the woods, my mind turns to cool mornings, colorful leaves, and looking for a good fall foliage map.

Even here in Central Florida, we actually do experience a delicious taste of autumn, even if the cooler air doesn’t really arrive until October and the leaves aren’t as vibrant as they are 500 0r 1,000 miles to the north.

Fall foliage in Florida offers a sparse but pretty variety of reds, purples, oranges, and golds.

If you’re living anywhere north of Atlanta, you probably begin seeing a grander autumnal rainbow as early as mid-September.

In the West, the colors light up the Rockies and adorn the higher altitudes on either side of the mountain range.

No matter where you live in the United States, fall color is never more than a scenic drive away during the months of September, October, and November.

Did You Know?…

The best fall foliage occurs after a moist growing season followed by a late summer and early autumn with warm days and cool, dry nights.

Using A Fall Foliage Map To Plan Your Fall Colors Trip

Of course, when and where the fall colors will show up is largely based on the weather conditions during the late summer and early autumn, and the arrival of fall foliage in your area will vary somewhat from year to year.

Fortunately, there are many fall foliage maps available for leaf peepers to peep at before they go fall leaf peeping. Got it, my peeps?

A good fall foliage map will provide you not only the information on where the fall colors are, but also the typical times during the season when fall colors will actually arrive there. That latter part is most helpful because many vacationers need to know ahead of time when to make hotel reservations. After all, in places like Asheville, North Carolina — the southern mecca for fall foliage fun — hotel rooms are often booked solid during October.

For people such as myself who want to see a bolder display of color than I can get locally, planning a fall colors tour means knowing weeks in advance where I need to be to see the colorful leaves.

Fall Foliage Map List

Here are 5 fall foliage maps that I rely on each year to help me find where the fall colors are and when they are expected to peak:

  1. The Weather Channel Fall Foliage Map — This is one of the more detailed fall color maps, breaking down the nation by region, state, and even state regions.
  2. Yankee Fall Foliage Map — This map features the New England area, which is perhaps the most popular spot for leaf peeping and one of the first spots in the U.S. where the colorful fall leaves arrive before just about anywhere else in the United States.
  3. Asheville, North Carolina, Fall Foliage Map & Forecast — Right up there with New England in terms of popularity with fall leaf peepers, Asheville, NC, offers some astounding views of autumn color and is in close proximity to the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is a famous scenic path that fall color tourists absolutely love.
  4. Travel Channel Fall Foliage Map —  Another great source of fall color information, this forecast explains the fall outlook for each region based on the previous spring and summer weather, and will help you track where in the U.S. the best autumn color will be found.
  5. Colorado Fall Foliage Map & Guide — Everyone always talks about the fall colors on the East Coast, but don’t forget about the stunning color “out west,” too! The Rockies are a wonderful place to enjoy autumn leaves, and this guide tells you all about the colors in Aspen, CO, and the surrounding areas.

Must see: Fall foliage live web cams!

More Tips For Enjoying Fall Color

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