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Fun With Snow Crystals, Snowflakes & Falling Snow

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By Joshua

Winter brings cold temperatures, ice, and — yes — lots of snow to most people living in the United States.

So what do you do with all the white stuff cold weather sends your way?

Have fun with it!

Let’s look at the many ways you can have fun with snow crystals.

Find Pure Delight With Snow Crystals!

If you’re faced with having to shovel 3 feet of snow off your driveway, you’re probably laughing at the idea that one can have much fun with snow.

Of course, ridding the carport of several inches of white stuff just so you can back your car onto the street can be a terribly arduous task.

But when the snow is cleared, you’ve got plenty of time on your hands, and the sky is blue, you’ve got to find a way to have some fun with all that fluffy white snow in your yard!

Let’s take a look at some ways to enjoy some winter fun.

Building Snow Forts, Snow Houses & Snow People

If you’ve got lots of snow laying around, then you probably have enough to make a decent snow house or snow fort.

Of course, how large your snow house can be all depends on how much time you have and how much energy you have to engage in building some snow architecture.

And, how can we forget the trusty snow person?

Snow men, snow women, and snow kids are all traditionally fun ways to turn the white blanket of snow in your yard into a fun snow project.

Besides, snow people make excellent, friendly greeters for all those who pass by your house!

Here’s a FUN Idea….

Make some funny snowmen. It will bring a laugh to the whole neighborhood and may just wind up being forever immortalized in somebody’s video of funny snowmen!

Examining Snow Crystals

If you’re a scientific type, your idea of snow fun might come from taking a close look at the snowflakes!

With each and every snowflake a delicate work of natural art, admiring the beauty of snow crystals with a magnifying glass or microscope can be an awe-striking experience for anyone who appreciates the (really) little things in life.

There are literally thousands of types of snow flakes! So why not go out, grab yourself a handful of snow, and spend your afternoon examining all the beautiful types of lacy formations that have fallen in your yard!

Here’s how to make snow crystals and impress your friends!

Snow Angels

Ah, the snow angel… what else can be so perfectly simple and fun to make than a snow angel?

Almost everyone knows how to make a snow angel.

You simply lay in the snow, spread your arms out over your heads and start sweeping your arms and legs out to your sides… carefully stand up (you don’t want footprints in your snow angel!) and behold — a beautiful snow angel graces the ground!

Make Your Own Snow!