How Hot Is The Sun? 5 Fun Sun Facts You’re Burning To Know

by Joshua

Energy, outer space, sun, temperature

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sun-facts-photo-by-trainut.jpg The sun is rising higher into the sky everyday as spring goes into full swing.

So, about that sun… how hot is the sun? How far away is the sun? Well, slap on some sunscreen and bask in the warmth of these 5 fun sun facts:

  • The Sun is approximately 90 million miles from Earth.
  • The core of the Sun is a whopping 27 million degrees Fahrenheit; the surface is a relatively chilly 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The Sun has been around for about 4.6 billion years.
  • The Sun is 109 times wider than Earth.
  • The Sun takes up an astounding 98% of the mass of all bodies in our solar system.