Fun With Snow Crystals, Snowflakes & Falling Snow

Winter brings cold temperatures, ice, and -- yes -- lots of snow to most people living in the United States. So what do you do with all the white stuff cold weather sends your way? Have fun with it! Let's look at the many ways you can have fun with snow crystals.   Find Pure Delight With Snow Crystals! If you're faced with having to shovel 3 feet of snow off your driveway, you're probably laughing at the idea that one can have much fun with snow. Of course, ridding the … [Read more...]

Tell The Kids! NORAD Tracks Santa On Christmas Eve

Did you know that NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) tracks Santa Claus on Christmas Eve! Yes, dear old Saint Nick has been tracked on NORAD's radar screens ever since the 1950s... and the story behind NORAD's tracking of Santa Claus will captivate the heart! Let's find out more about why NORAD tracks Santa and what else this vital agency does to protect our nation and even help in producing weather forecasts.   Why NORAD Tracks Santa The historic timeline of … [Read more...]

Warm Enough Yet? Tips On What’s Good Swimming Weather


When the weather starts getting warmer and the sun gets higher in the sky, one of the big questions many of us have is 'what's good swimming weather?' It's tempting to want to hop into a pool and take a few laps or sun on a floating chair -- especially after winter has kept us indoors for months. There are, however, ideal temperatures for swimming.Of course, having access to an indoor or heated pool makes all the difference in the world.No matter the weather, an indoor pool is always a great … [Read more...]

Getting Through A Bad Weather Storm: Kids Will Love These Fun Activities

A storm & kids often don't mix very well. Young children can become frightened of the loud thunder and pounding rain and hail. Older children may quickly bore of having to wait indoors for the rough weather to pass. But there is hope for parents, caregivers, and teachers who need to bring entertainment and fun to kids stuck indoors during a storm! … [Read more...]

Cheap Snow Fun: How To Make Snow Paint

When snow falls, many of us like to build snowmen, throw snow balls, or make snow angels. But have you ever used snow paint to have fun in the snow? Snow paint is really easy to make. All you'll need to make your own snow paint is: Food coloring Water A spray bottle Simply add some drops of food coloring to the spray bottles; the number of drops depends on the type of color you want. Add some water to the spray bottle. Then head outside and start painting!   Fun Snow … [Read more...]

Winter Weather Fun: Make A Snow Sculpture

One of the many fun things about winter weather is snow. With snow, you can make all kinds of wonderful things -- snowmen, snow houses, and even a snow sculpture straight from the wildest depths of your imagination! Making a snow sculpture is fun and really easy to do, especially if you have all the snow sculpting tools you need to make your project a little easier -- and more fun! Shovel Trowel Garden Hoe Spatula Wet snow is the easiest type of snow to work with when making a … [Read more...]

4 Awesome Weather Books For Kids

Love for the weather and meteorology as a whole often starts when a person is young. These young, budding meteorologists often ask questions like: Why is the sky blue? How does the wind blow? How hot is the sun? Sometimes, when kids ask questions like these, their parents just don't know where to go to find their weather-loving child good weather books for kids! Fortunately, there are many wonderful books designed to foster the love of weather in a child. My parents … [Read more...]

7 Tips & Tricks To Make It Snow (Have You Tried Any Of These?)


When it’s cold outside, many of us (especially kids!) want to make it snow. Building snowmen Sledding in the snow Building snow houses A snow day home from school ... These are all great reasons to want to make it snow!   Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow It seems everybody has their own rituals, tricks, and tips for making it snow. While we can’t be sure every single one works – like snow sticks to a snow shovel – certain snow-making tricks and tips have been … [Read more...]