How You Can Help Save The Rainforest And Slow Global Warming

If you’re concerned about the environment and global warming, then you’ll be glad to know there are very simple things you can do to help protect the tropical rainforest. Here are some ways to stop global warming and save the rainforest.

Home Flood Insurance: Answers To All Of Your Flood Insurance Questions

Your homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Without home flood insurance, you could end up paying $311 a MONTH for a disaster home loan in order to get your life back in order after a flood, whereas if you’d had flood insurance, you would have been paying an average of $370 a YEAR – even less in low to moderate risk areas!

Weather Widgets And Other Fun Tools For Your Blog

Following are some fun website tools to enhance your blog with weather trackers, weather widgets, and other weather gadgets. Want to show the local forecast on your blog? You’ll want one of these! Want to customize it too? Check here first.