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Severe Weather Tips – Your one-stop helpful information hub for everything you need to know when severe weather hits.

Yes, people have died while ice fishing in the late Winter, early Spring. The problem is... it's too hard to determine the thickness of the ice! Here's what you need to know about walking on thin ice or ice fishing on thin ice.

Do you know if you'd be safer opening the windows in your home during a tornado or hurricane or not? Find out here.

Remember, those who are least affected by bad weather are those who plan ahead and are prepared for it. After all, you know it's coming. Maybe not today, but it will come! Here's how to be prepared in the event of you lose electricity at your home after a bad storm.

Every winter somewhere in this country an unusually heavy snowfall will result with some buildings collapsing under the extreme weight of snow accumulating on the roof. Though the nightly news may only converge on large industrial or commercial buildings that buckle under the stress, this is indeed a concern that every homeowner needs to take seriously.

70% of the deaths that take place during a blizzard, happen to people who are traveling during a winter storm. Here's what to do if your get stuck in your car during a blizzard.

Lightning kills 55% more Americans than tornadoes -- which come in at a 41% death rate for Americans. That's pretty high, so it's important to take electrical storms very seriously. Here are the simplest tips you should keep in mind during lightning or an electrical storm.

Hurricanes can be devastating and can leave behind all sorts of destruction ...on people, as well as property. If a hurricane has passed through your area what should you do first? Here are some things you need to be aware of after a hurricane has done its damage in your town.

Here are some tips to help you get prepared in the event cold weather rudely barges in to your neighborhood. Here, you'll find everything from tips to stay warm, to a list of links to online stores selling cold weather gear.

Here are the best instructions I could find for making temporary roof repairs in the event that a storm -- like a hurricane or tornado -- has crossed paths with your house. See how to fix your damaged roof using a tarp and some boards.