Beautiful Winter Scenery And Snow Photos

I love walking in the winter after a fresh snowfall. The sights are marvelous, and often you can hear the crackling of frost as you make your way across the beautiful landscape. It reminds me of the song Walking in a Winter Wonderland. There are many beautiful snowscapes to be seen in winter. I¬†thought I'd share some of my favorites with you here.   … [Read more...]

Fun Things To Do With Kids In The Snow

Instead of hibernating in the house, watching TV and playing video games, why not relieve the winder blahs by getting outside with your kids? You'll be able to enjoying the beauty of the season and have some fun with your kids at the same time. Last year my grandsons and I built 2 snow houses. It was a lot of fun. The boys and I spent the entire day playing in the snow. The best part was that the temperatures stayed cold for several weeks and the boys and their friends had a lot of fun … [Read more...]

How To Make Snow Sculptures In Fun Shapes


Remember when you were a kid and you waited in anticipation for the first significant snowfall? It was best if the snow was wet, packed snow because the first thing you wanted to do was make a snowman. But have you ever considered making a snow sculpture? Many adults love sculpting snow. There are even snow sculpture competitions that take place all over the U.S. and the world. Snow sculptures can be made right in your front yard, or at the park for all the world to see. If you are a … [Read more...]

How To Build A Snow House Or Snow Fort With Kids


Last year, we had a lot of snow in this area. To get my grandsons away from so much screen time (TV, computer, handheld video games) and out into the great outdoors, I researched and found the instructions for building a snow house. A snow house is made very similar to an igloo, except it is rectangular and doesn't include a roof. Check out this amazing video that shows how to build an igloo. A snow house can be built anytime during the winter after there's been a good snowfall and when … [Read more...]

Fun Facts About Snowflakes (…And Watch A Snowflake Form Before Your Eyes!)


Do you remember catching snowflakes on your tongue when you were a child? I loved feeling as the cold snowflake laid on my tongue and melted into icy goodness. My siblings and I built snow forts and played war, using snowballs as weapons. We made snow tunnels and snow caves, as well as snow angels. And we enjoyed tobogganing and skiing on the hills that surrounded our country home. When I was young, I never gave a thought to how snowflakes are formed, but my curiosity was piqued when a … [Read more...]

Interesting Snowman Photos: Fun & Unusual Ways To Build Snowmen


Wintertime is a lot of fun -- especially when there is plenty of snow on the ground! Most adults and children alike enjoy making snowmen, snow women and other fun snow shapes. If you'll be making a snowman this year, here are some unusual ideas to make your snowman the best one in the neighborhood! One snowman to another: Does it smell like carrots in here to you? Following are some of the most creative snowman shapes, faces, arms, and clothes. (Plus, fun miniature snowmen too!) … [Read more...]

New England Fall Foliage Tours… By Train!

There's no place on Earth quite so lovely as New England in autumn. My husband and I took a trip to New England to do a little leaf peeping. We had heard that this was a marvelous area for autumn foliage and it far exceeded our expectations. Instead of driving through winding country roads to take in the scenery (as we had done in the past), we chose to leaf peep by train. Come along on a leaf peeping tour of New England... by train!   … [Read more...]

4 DIY Autumn Home Decor Craft Ideas Using Leaves


Autumn decor brings warmth into our homes, as well as color and texture. Fortunately, decorating for autumn doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. By using your imagination and a few inexpensive craft supplies, you can create beautiful autumn crafts that will add some charm to your home decor. Here are 4 fun craft ideas using autumn leaves...   Autumn Leaf Suncatcher What you need: … [Read more...]

Leaf Peeping In Huntsville Ontario

Huntsville, Ontario is located approximately 133 miles from Toronto, on Highway #60. There is much to see and do in the area during all seasons, but the autumn scenery brings visitors by the droves. Huntsville is only a short drive from Algonquin Park. Particularly this time of year, it is an area full of scenic beauty and is alive with the sounds, sights and fragrances of autumn. Huntsville is in the heart of Muskoka and there are lots of activities for the entire family. Recently, I took my … [Read more...]